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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

Improve Quality, Cut Costs and Increase Speed with Lean Six Sigma!!! Boost  your success by getting Lean! In the world of Lean thinking, your primary goal is to operate more efficiently by eliminating not only defects in products and services, but other forms of waste: inventory, processing, waiting, motion, transportation and overproduction. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a powerful, flexible and proven cost and waste elimination method that has been used successfully in both private and public organizations.  It is applicable equally to both industrial/manufacturing processes and transactional customer service processes. With this Paine College course, you  can get all the information on Lean six Sigma. Please call (706) 396-7570 or Toll free (888) 926-3402 or email for any questions. The  course will start on January 2016. A certificate of  completion  will be provided to those who successfully complete the entire course.  Those wishing to certify will be offered a coaching and feedback appropriate to industry accepted standards.  The normal pursuit for continuous improvement experts is to gain progressive certification:  Yellow Belt to Green Belt to Black Belt.  Each of these certification levels add more insight and tools that directly affect the business and their processes.

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