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Paris Through American Movies

Americans have long been fascinated by Paris. For the last century, this fascination has been fueled by American movies set in Paris, many of which have been very popular, from the Academy Award winning "An American in Paris" to the recent successes "Midnight in Paris", "Julie and Julia", and "Ratatouille". This course examines how American movies have presented Paris, how they have developed our Parisian fantasies. If you can't afford to travel there just now in person, this is a great way of spending time there in your imagination! This course is set up to be self-paced. That means that you can do it at your own speed, and in the order you choose. You may do all of it or only some of it. You may do it in a few weeks, or on and off over several years. You may start with the last unit, or a middle unit, and then proceed through them as you choose.  It is designed, in short, to let you learn what you want to learn at the pace that suits you best.

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